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Automate payroll accounting

Payrec unlocks insight into your headcount spend by automating payroll journal entries.

Safe & Secure

Flexible & Scalable

Connected Collaboration

70% of expenses tie to headcount.

Most businesses rely on spreadsheets to manage their #1 expense, headcount. Spreadsheets produce predictable results: human errors, multiple sources of truth and unscalable foundations. Payrec eliminates these risks by automating your payroll accounting. In doing so, Payrec also unlocks a world of insight into your headcount  spend.


What We Offer

A simple approach to managing compensation, hiring and financial planning for your business by automating payroll accounting.

Payroll entry automation to your general ledger

Automated payroll entries

Connect your payroll and general ledger or ERP to automate recurring payroll entries. Record at the item, person, department, summary or a custom field of your choice.

Clear dashboards and single sourth of truth for headcount reporting

Single source of truth

Human resources, finance and department managers can work from the same set of data for raises, hiring, transfers and allocation of employee costs when shared by two or more departments.

Dynamic reporting allowing drillable insights to understand payroll costs

Dynamic real-time reports

Simple, powerful reporting to help you understand budget vs. actual vs. forecast, spend concentration and much more.

Feeling accomplished knowing that you can properly plan and manage your most expensive headcount resources

Confident headcount decisions

Confidently manage your most valuable, and expensive, resource ... your people. Ensure talent is rewarded without breaking your company's bottom line.

Built by people in your shoes

Our team gets it. We've managed headcount and financial budgets at multiple companies. Enough was enough. We needed a tool to get us out of spreadsheets so we could keep up with the other demands of our respective businesses. We built Payrec to solve our own problems and help other businesses effectively manage their main cost center, headcount.

Controlled access

Connected data sources

Clarity in costs

What Our Clients Say

"Before Payrec, recording payroll took 2-4 hours each pay cycle. Now, those entries take minutes and I have confidence everything was recorded correctly in Quickbooks."


"We always struggled to manage department changes and employee transfers. Payrec makes it easy and we can easily summarize the historical financial impact and quickly project future costs in their new department."

Head of Human Resources

"Compiling rolling forecasts  each month required multiple data sources from HR and always required manual adjustments in excel. Now we're both working from the same data set and what used to take a day of work now takes minutes."

Corporate Controller

We keep it simple.

Simple affordable pricing. Payrec was built to automate recurring journal entries so you can focus on managing your most important asset, your people.

$249 / month

Our core payroll connector to take your payroll process from hours to seconds.

Get ready to unlock a world of insight into your most valuable resources, your people.

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